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What can a quality video CV do for me?

Increase your chance for a job interview instantly
When job hunting, the worst-case scenario is not that your CV is not good enough, but nobody even reads it at all. A recent study found out that “89% of employers would watch a video resume if you sent one.” With a video CV, your chance of getting noticed is much higher.
Stand out as the best candidate
Job searching is all about standing out from the hordes of competitors and getting noticed so you can get the interview you deserve. Imagine how refreshing it is for the employer to watch a video CV when they have been reading hundreds of CVs that are very similar to each other—you stand out immediately and in a big way.
Let your personality shine
Since video is primarily a visual tool, it is a great way to let your personality shine through to a potential employer. Most HR professionals want to avoid uncertainty and showing yourself in a video can reassure them with your positive image and make them curious to meet you in person.
Display the best version of you, naturally
Even if you do not think you are photogenic, we have solutions to present your best and natural self. You do not have to look directly into the camera if you are shy. We work our magic on every video to make sure we show the world the best version of you.

Why choose us to produce your video CV

We make you believable

To see it is to believe it. We film additional video footage of you and integrate it into your video CV to show how you walk the talk.

We make you relatable

We help make your personal story compelling so potential employers resonate with you and want to get to know you.

We make you distinguishable

In order for a video CV to work for you, it has to be brilliant—including the concept, writing, and production value. We take care of all of those elements for you.

We make you remarkable

Everyone can talk, but not everyone can communicate with impact. We help you to deliver your message in a powerful way that leaves a lasting impression.

We make you MEMORABLE

The best stories engage all of the senses. Music is a powerful yet invisible tool that compels people to act. We choose music to make employers remember your message even more

We make you look GREAT

We pay special attention to how you want to appear on video, both verbally and physically. We work with you to make sure your best angles, authentic personality, and professional demeanor get across.

How is your Video CV made?

Amazing skills and experience in on your CV could be eye-catching, but it’s your story that will leave a significant impression on potential employers and makes you unforgettable.

Stories that matter
We all have great stories, but not all of them are what the employers want to hear. We help you choose the most impactful one for your target audience and polish the story that matters most.
Powerful storytelling
People often make a decision based on emotion and justify the logic later. Stories, unlike plain facts, communicate emotions and help you to gain rapport with your potential employers. We coach you to present an authentic story that makes employers feel good about you and intrigued to get to know you better.

To see it is to believe it. 

Action speaks louder than words
We film additional video footage of you to align your story. This helps you gain trust with potential employers by showing how you walk the talk and helps clear up any uncertainty and doubt employers might have about you based on your print CV. (Gaps in employment, anyone?)
Power of visual storytelling
Stories and visuals are better remembered than pure text and audio. Your visual story will make you unforgettable compared to all other candidates with a paper resume. We help you to make a brilliant visual story that triggers employers to be curious about you.
Music selection
To make employers truly resonate with your story, having the right music to set the theme will dramatically increase the emotional impact of your story. Music selection is an art, and we will take care of this for you.
Putting it all together
Finally, we put everything together in the right order to create an engaging video that tells your story vividly. So be ready for your next interview!


“Want to get your dream job? Want to stand out in the crowd? Then Isaac is your man. Traditional paper resumes cannot show who you are beyond your degrees. After working for years within HR and interviewing countless people, I can highly recommend a video resume. It’s the best way to showcase your abilities beyond your capabilities. Your uniqueness will help recruiters make a choice easier and faster. Isaac is a great resume coach and videographer, that will create the most amazing video resume ever.”

Sylvia Jagla

Human Resources Expert, Leadership & Business Coach
“As a marketer and communications expert, I know for a fact that video is what is growing the fastest these days in the storytelling and branding world. Job competition is fierce and it’s important to do anything you can to stand out during your search. A video CV is a brilliant and impactful way to show employers your personality, your drive, and your ambition to get the job. Isaac is professional, friendly, and super detailed-oriented, so hire him to make you a video CV already!”

Xylia Buros

Marketing & Communications Strategist
“I think video biographies and CVs are the start of something disruptive in HR. When people can see it with their own eyes, they can better relate to it. I am very impressed with the creative improvisation work done by Isaac especially in such a tight deadline for creating such a professional video for my recruiting. Fast, professional and reliable.”

Edgar Bongkishiy

Recruiter, IT Manager & Conceptor
DIY Video CV
- We coach you to create your perfect script to tell your story
- You film your own speech (with our tips)
- We add additional stock video footages or pictures from you that are related to your speech
- We add music to comprehend your video CV
- We work the magic and craft the video CV for you
Premium Video CV
- We design the perfect story for you video CV
- We coach you to create the most authentic and convincing script
- We guide you to make the perfect speech for the most impactful message to your employer
- We film your speech in ideal lighting indoor or outdoor that fits your story
- We film additional video footage of you to illustrate the points you mention in your speech for creating the maximum impact from your visual story
- We add music to your video CV for additional emotional impact
- We create video thumbnail so the recipients of your application email is bound to watch your video CV
- We put everything together to craft your epic video CV to get the job you want
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