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Our Services

Social Media Marketing package
- Monthly subscription
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Video marketing can be pricy and exhausting, but you know you need it
With a monthly subscription, we

- brainstorm and create tons of content idea for your brand to drive sales and awareness

- Film all the content (Video/Photo) you need once/twice per month
- Edit and package the video material so they are social media ready
- Our social media marketing expert will develop and manage your company's social media for you

From 1500€ per month

1 Minute Signature Video story
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When you can't win the game, change the rules
Story matters, and you get to tell to the right people

In our flagship product, we offer you a complete package with:

- Consulting on how video can solve your business problems
- Complete storyboarding to make your story unforgettable and emotional
- Premiere Video production
- Optimise your video with subtitle, and in different formats for various social media platforms
- Professional pictures included for eye-catching thumbnails and social media

From 4800€

Event Highlight (Photo + Video)
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You pay great effort into your event, it's time to attract more people for the next one
A professional event highlight video gives you tremendous ROI. Capture your speakers, audience members, and the biggest highlights of the event to keep the momentum going.

The video will also help you promote the next event, promote your brand, and attract more people to join next time.

From 1800€


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About Us

Isaac - VideoBiographer | Public Speaker | Social Skills Coach
Isaac has worked across several different industries which gives him incredible insight into how to stand out and convince employers to give you a chance at very different job positions. He is skilled at using unconventional and creative methods to be hired across industries and can help you do the same.
Nadine - People Photographer
Nadine is a PEOPLE photographer. She strongly believes that innovation can only be driven by an interdisciplinary team, so she loves to collaborate with different people in various fields to get inspired. Her passion is to help clients communicate through photography. Nadine has long been interested in art and design, and has a bachelor degree in Communication Design

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